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Aircraft of Red Flag

The Ultimate Air to Air Combat Exercise
RRP: £17.99

Red Flag is the world’s premier air to air combat exercise.  Run by the US Air Force from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, its aim is to provide aircrew with a safe environment in which to take part in intensive air combat sorties.  It takes place over the vast Nevada Test & Training Range & is attended by participants from allied nations around the world, with 29 countries having taken part with US since 1975.  The visitors bring with them their own variety of aircraft, adding to the diverse array gracing the skies of Las Vegas.

Illustrated with 140 full colour photos, this stunning collection looks at the many aircraft involved in Red Flag, including fighters such as Eagle, Super Hornet & Raptor; support aircraft such as Stratotanker & Sentry; helicopters such as Black Hawk & Apache & a multitude of other aircraft from both sides of the Atlantic.  Also included are ‘Red Force’ fighters, with their unique paint schemes, which aim to replicate the look & tactics of potential adversaries.

Product description

ISBN: 9781913870119
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 245mm x 170mm
Pages: 96
Photos/Illus: over 140 full colour photos

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