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British Interwar Aircraft

British Interwar Aircraft
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British Interwar Aircraft: A photographic guide to surviving aircraft from 1918 to 1939

When the RAF was formed, Great Britain boasted the largest air force in the world. However, as soon as the armistice was declared a rapid disarmament began. The surplus military aircraft formed the basis for civil aviation as we know it today. More people learned to fly and pioneering individuals began to set records leading to a demand for purpose-built commercial, touring, racing and passenger aircraft. During the 1930s, the RAF boasted an array of beautiful silver biplanes, which soon gave way to more sleek monoplane fighters and medium-range bombers. Featuring over 200 images of surviving, replica and restored aircraft, this book explores many significant British aircraft types, both military and civil, that were active between the World War.

Product description

ISBN: 9781802821352
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 168 x 246 x 12.5mm
Pages: 128
Photos/Illus: 160
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