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Convair Deltas

Author: Bill Yenne
RRP: £22.95

Key Points

· New paperback edition

· From XF-92 experimental prototype to the Mach 2 B-58 Hustler



The story of Convair’s complete family of delta-wing aircraft including the XF2Y-1 jet-powered seaplane, the XFY-1 Pogo turboprop vertical takeoff and landing fighter and the revolutionary record-breaking four-engine B-58 Hustler – the world’s first Mach 2 strategic bomber.


Noted aviation author Bill Yenne thoroughly documents Convair’s quest to conquer the aerodynamic mysteries of the delta wing.

Product description

ISBN: 9781580072311
Binding: paperback
Dimensions: 230mm x 230mm
Pages: 216
Photos/Illus: 320