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Technical and Operational History of the Liberty Engine

Author: Robert J Neal
The only comprehensive history of the Liberty engine.
Only published listing of all aircraft types and models to use this engine.
Previously unpublished photographs.
Complete history of the relationship between the Allison Engine Company and the Liberty engine.

The aim of the Liberty was to standardize aircraft engine design. The theory was to have an engine design that could be built in several sizes and thus power airplanes for any purpose, from training to bombing. The differences in sizes would be obtained by using different numbers of cylinders in the same design. A large number of other parts would also be used in common by all resulting sizes of the engine series. The initial concept called for four-, six-, eight-, and 12-cylinder models. An X-24 version was built experimentally, and one- and two-cylinder models were built for testing purposes.

The engine design eventually saw use on land, sea, and in the air, and its active military career spanned the years 1917 to 1960. In addition, it provided noble service in a multitude of civilian uses, and still does even today, some 90 years after the first engine ran. This book covers the complete history of the Liberty's design, production, and use in amazing detail and includes appendixes covering contracts, testing, specifications, and much more.

It very much earns my highest recommendation and is a book that no engine enthusiast should be without.
Modeling Madness, reviewed by Scott Van Aken, January 2009

A splendidly comprehensive look at one of history's most famous engines. This publication is destined to be book of choice for anyone that wishes to take a serious look at the Liberty engine and its uses.
Hyperscale, reviewed by Rob Baumgartner, February 2009

The level of detail and research performed by the author is simply stunning. If you are interested in the story of the Liberty engine, this book is an essential read.
Internet Modeler, reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl, March 2009

For anyone seriously interested in the use of this historic engine in aviation, military vehicles, and boats, this book is a 'must buy.' The research the author did for this book was outstanding, and must represent many years of digging and sorting information. This book is truly a 'labor of love.'
IPMS, reviewed by Brian R. Baker, March 2009

This comprehensive effort enjoys a spot on every World War I enthusiast's bookshelf. Recommended!
Model Aircraft Monthly, reviewed by David Veres

This isn't an airplane book, but rather a remarkable history of American engineering. ****Absolute must.
Hemmings Classic Car, reviewed by Jim Donnelly, August 2009

Containing over 1058 photographs and drawings packed into 616-pages, this well-produced book is the ultimate reference on a pivotal American aviation engine.
Air Classics, reviwed by George Hulett, October 2009

Product description

ISBN: 9781580071499
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 280mm x 225mm
Pages: 616
Photos/Illus: 1058 photographs, drawings, charts and diagrams

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