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At the beginning of September 1939, hundreds of aircraft were engaged in operations, with fighters i..
In the Skies of Nomonhan This is the story of one of the least told actions of WW2 the story of J..
In the Skies of Nomonhan · First published by Propeller Publishing in 2005 · An historical accou..

In the Skies of Nomonhan

Japan versus Russia
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In a remote area of Mongolia the 'Nomonhan Incident' lasted four months. This border skirmish between the Russians and Japanese ended in 1939, just 15 days after Germany invaded Poland and an isolated 35 by 20 mile section of land became a battlefield for more than 900 Soviet and 450 Japanese aircraft.

Using the Ki-27 Nate fighter, Japanese pilots clashed with Soviet I-15 and I-153 biplanes and their I-16 monoplane. The soon to be antiquated massive TB-3 heavy bombers were also used and the Ki-21 Sally made its combat debut, eventually continuing service throughout the Pacific War.

This was one of the first large aerial battles of modern times and the pilots used the conflict to practice and refine new fighting tactics which moved air power into the future of war. They sharpened up their missions and learned to place emphasis on reconnaissance, fighter sweeps, bomber escort and infantry support. Both sides discovered and ignored tactical and design lessons from the combat to the detriment and advantage of each.

Covering both the Japanese and Russian sides In The Skies of Nomonhan includes loss lists, colour profiles from both sides, plus over fifty photos from Japanese and Russian archives all of which provide a new perspective on this interesting and largely unknown pre World War II encounter.

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ISBN: 9780859791526
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 234mm x 156mm
Pages: 208
Photos/Illus: Over 50 b&w photographs and 20 colour profiles

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