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Journeys Into Night

Author: Don Charlwood
• Bestselling author
• WWII Autobiography

Journeys into Night is the second volume of Don Charlwood’s autobiography, following Marching as to War. It forms a companion piece to Charlwood’s highly-regarded elegy on Bomber Command, No Moon Tonight, expanding on the author’s experiences as a WWII navigator. It is the story of twenty young Australians who sailed together to Canada to train as navigators under the Empire Air Training Scheme. Most of them went on to Bomber Command, fifteen of the twenty losing their lives. Charlwood based much of this book on wartime diaries and letters, his own and those of others among the twenty men and Charlwood’s crew members. This book is as much their story as it is Charlwood’s own.

Product description

ISBN: 9781876425609
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 210mm x 135mm
Pages: 272
Photos/Illus: 8 page photo section

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