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KG 200: The Luftwaffe's Most Secret Unit

Shrouded in secrecy and intrigue during its lifetime, KG 200 still remains one of the most fascinating units of the Luftwaffe. Delivering spies while flying captured Allied aircraft, conducting clandestine reconnaissance missions over land and sea, testing new weapons such as the ‘Mistel’ composite bomber, and undertaking long-range liaison flights were just some of its tasks. But there was also a more sinister aspect to its operations: men from KG 200 played a significant part in the notorious action against the French Resistance on the Vercors plateau, while others were involved in what were effectively suicide missions.

This book tells the unit’s story and finally reveals that despite its ‘special’ status, KG 200 was just as much a prey to the Nazi hierarchy’s power politics as every other branch of the Wehrmacht.

“… sets an incredible history straight in exceptional detail. Captured aircraft, special weapons, and a great chapter explaining what the unit did not do, and much more, are covered within”. Flypast

Product description

ISBN: 9781902109336
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm
Pages: 192
Photos/Illus: 200 b&w photographs and 16 page colour section