The Seaplane Years  [9781902109138]

The Seaplane Years
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Date Added: Monday 18. June, 2012
The Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment tested a large number of types of aircraft and duly photographed them. This has provided an excellent source of British marine aircraft that has fortunately survived the 'weeders' in most cases. From its World War One experimental station on the Isle of Grain in the Thames Estuary, the MAEE moved post-war to Felixstowe where the large flying boat base provided accommodation once the wartime squadrons had been mostly disbanded. There it remained until the outbreak of World War Two when its exposed position on the East coast resulted in its transfer to Rhu, near Helensburgh on the Clyde, returning after the war to Felixstowe.
As well as testing aircraft, the MAEE worked on the development of weapons and equipment for maritime aircraft, from bombs to rubber dinghies. Experiments with camouflage and tactics were carried out.

This book gives an accounts of the work carried out by MAEE and covers brief details of the testing of aircraft types. Oddly, we get references to Shorts Singapore’s and Shorts Sunderland’s, a prefix never used until someone decided that 'Short' was demeaning and changed it from the 1960s in its publicity.

Browsing through all these water-planes is a pleasant experience and the book is well-presented. This is a useful addition to the bookcase as a quick reference guide to marine aircraft.

Aeromilitaria - Summer 2012
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