Wings of the Malvinas  [9781902109220]

Wings of the Malvinas
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Date Added: Wednesday 30. January, 2013
It has been said many times that the victors write history; consequently we never got the full picture. Over the last hundred years or so this has changed and views from both sides of the conflict is aired. In this case it is the story of the Argentine Air War over the Falklands.
This is a hefty tome, which covers a lot of ground. Among other things in the first part the author has chronicled the reasons for the Argentine belligerent attitude, followed by a description of their military aviation.

Part 2 covers the Argentine Air Force; unit-by-unit and subsequent parts detail civilian and Naval units etc. And finally the appendices cover a multitude of subjects, including aircraft specifications and histories, British aircraft and their units, Argentine naval units and ships. And what was very important to the British Navy –Argentine Naval weapons.
The book is packed with photographs, both in colour and monochrome. You
will find good number of colour profiles and some fascinating mission maps.
This is another triumph for Hikoki, one just wonders what they will come up with next – perhaps the Afghanistan debacle.

Ernie Lee
SAM Publications
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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