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Sky Tiger is the story of Sailor Malan, a pilot who was a household name during the Second World War..
IN less than 15 months, Sailor Malan rose from being a little known flight commander in a Spitfire s..

Sky Tiger

The story of Sailor Malan
Author: Norman Franks

• Biography of a WWII South African Spitfire pilot
• Exceptional tactician and Battle of Britain pilot
• Participant at Dunkirk, and escorted Horsa Gliders during D-Day landings
• Station Commander at Britain’s premier fighter base – Biggin Hill

In less than 15 months ‘Sailor Malan’ rose to be Britain’s premier WWII fighter pilot. A born leader, superb shot and exceptional tactician Malan tested his skills over Dunkirk and later in his Spitfire during the Battle of Britain. Developing fighter tactics he rose to Station Commander at Biggin Hill and finished the war as a permanent figure in the gallery of great flyers.

Available March 2015

Product description

ISBN: 9780907579830
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: B Format
Pages: 216
Photos/Illus: 12 page b&w photograph section

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