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I believe that the Hawker Hunter is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built. I have several ki..
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The Hawker Hunter When this book first arrived I thought another ‘anorak’s bible’ especially when..
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The Hawker Hunter

Available July 2008

Tim McLelland’s Hawker Hunter is both a comprehensive work of reference and an authoritative history. It covers the origins of the aircraft from both the P1040 and P1052 swept-wing versions and moves through design and development of the twin-seat dual-control Hunter T7 to the ‘ultimate’ FGA.Mk.9. The Hunters varied operational successes are noted with particular emphasis on major foreign users in Switzerland and India, and, amongst others, exports to Oman and Chile.

It faithfully reproduces extracts from the Hunter’s original Aircrew Manual and presents appendices on service histories, serial numbers and the fate of every Hunter built.

Colour profiles and a set of scale plans ensure the complete history of the aircraft is presented in a single volume and provide essential reading for the aviation enthusiast or historian.