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BUSES Yearbook 2022

RRP: £18.99

Published annually for almost 60 years, this superb hardback book is a must for all bus enthusiasts. Now edited by Alan Millar – former editor of Buses magazine, the 132 page publication is packed with features celebrating all that’s great about Britain’s best-loved mode of public transport. Topics covered include the electrification of London's buses, the development of vehicles with six wheels rather than four, a nostalgic look back at the charming yellow route buses in Malta and an atmospheric recollection of crossing the Donegal/Northern Ireland border at the height of the Troubles. There are picture features about vehicle manufacturers' publicity photographs, Blackpool in the early 2000s, West Yorkshire in the 1970s, Whippet Coaches in Cambridgeshire, buses at the extremities of the United Kingdom, coaches on the M1 50 years ago and much more.

Product description

ISBN: 9781802820324
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 235mm x 171mm
Pages: 132