The Southern Way Catalogue

Updated to Issue 41 (January 2018)

The Magazine: The Southern Way has been published by Noodle Books since 2007. It is a quarterly magazine devoted to railways in the area of the Southern Railway, its predecessors and BR Southern Region until about 1970. Readers and contributors include enthusiasts, historians, authors, photographers, modellers, preservationists, former railway employees and their families. The collection of magazines has become encyclopedic in size and scope. This catalogue is intended to help researchers to find what they want easily.

Scope of the Catalogue: Every Issue and Special Issue of The Southern Way, covering text and illustrations.

Entries: Discretion is used whether material is worthy of an entry. Discretion is also used whether a topic warrants subdivisions. For certain ubiquitous topics, only fine or rare material is entered, indicated by an asterix *.

Improvements: Accuracy of the catalogue is not guaranteed. It is near-impossible to eliminate every clerical error, misinterpretation or omission. Like black holes, omissions are particularly difficult to find. There is scope also to tidy up (or expand) some of the topic headings and subheadings. Perfection is unattainable but you can notify any major corrections or suggest presentational improvements to


4p27 = Issue 4 page 27
0p31 = Preview Issue page 31
s2p5-7 = Special Issue 2, pages 5 to 7

Articles (3+ pages) are in bold. Short contributions are in plain font.
Colour illustrations are in italics.


There is an 's' at the front of all Special Issues.
The catalogue covers text as well as illustrations, so do not expect a photo for every entry.


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