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International Passenger Locomotives

Since 1985
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As traditional locomotive haulage declined in the UK and many enthusiast's favorite classes were withdrawn or taken off passenger work, British Rail fans began to broaden their horizons in the 1980s and look at the railway networks of other countries.  For many, their first ports of call were the nearer continental European countries, with Germany proving particularly popular as it still featured locomotive haulage over much of its network, even on the smaller branch lines.  Ireland also proved popular as their services were almost exclusively loco-hauled.

As more enthusiasts travelled abroad & information & number lists became more available, foreign rail holidays became ever more popular, with worldwide favorites inc. the USA, with its long history of diesel traction & inconic locomotives, & India with its extensive system & thousands of locomotives.

As locomotive haulage declines in the rest of the world, British 'bashers' are becoming ever more adventurous with most countries, even North Korea, regularly featuring organised visits for enthusiasts.  Today British enthusiasts are found participating in their hobby all over the world & this book, featuring over 160 colour photos, summises some of the popular destinations & locomotives that they travel abroad for.

Product description

ISBN: 9781913295929
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 243mm x 170mm
Photos/Illus: 160 colour photos

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