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abc Rail Guide 2017

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The abc Rail Guide has become quickly established as a must-have annual publication for the current scene railway enthusiast and is a traditional combined volume for the modern age. Listings are by user, with details of every locomotive and carriage used by that operator. Included are running numbers, depot, livery, owner, operator and name (if it carries one).

Chapters cover the following areas:

  • TOCs

  • FOCs

  • Infrastructure companies

  • Train engineering companies

  • Train builders

  • Rolling stock hire companies

  • Private train operators

  • Off lease rolling stock

  • Preserved motive power

  • US power exported

  • New train orders

  • TOPS numbered steam

  • Ex-BR industrial locomotives

  • Light railway operators

  • Tables of codes used

  • Index of running numbers and where to find them in the book

Author Colin Marsden constantly revises the content and presentation in the light of comments from readers and users.

The 2017 edition is completely updated with a wholly new illustrative selection of colour photographs & maps.

Product description

ISBN: 978071103561
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 210mm x 150mm
Pages: 320