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British Railway Stations Since 1901

An Essential Gazetteer
RRP: £19.99

Over the past 120 years more than 9,000 stations have offered a passenger service within Great Britain.

Many of these are still operational – indeed new stations have opened in recent years and more are planned with the possible reopening of lines long closed – but many are now part of history. There is an undoubted fascination in the history of stations and this new handbook provides a guide to each station that has existed since 1901 to the present day.

The book is split into two alphabetical sections: those stations that became (or would have become) a part of the structure of post-grouping railways and subsequently within the scope of British Railways, and those that were on independent lines.

Within the book each of the stations noted has been categorised and colour-coded as closed, open as part of the National Rail system, preserved, in use as tram stops or as part of the London Underground system

This detailed volume is designed to act as a useful companion to the many published atlases and station chronologies and to assist those who like to visit railway archæology or enjoy walking or cycling along the many converted trackbeds that we now have in Britain.

Product description

ISBN: 9781913555115
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 150mm x 210mm
Pages: 208
Photos/Illus: 150 black & white and colour photographs

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