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Bygone Brighton


Over the past 60 years, the urban landscape of Britain's major towns and cities has changed dramatically. Large-scale redevelopment has transformed the face of high streets up and down the country, resulting in numerous office blocks and large modern shopping centres. There has also been a vast increase in street furniture, further disfiguring our towns and cities. The inexorable rise of the car industry has in turn led to the growth of large retail chains with shop fronts designed to be identical across the country, thus creating more uniform streetscapes. These rapid changes have made many yearn for gentler times when each town still retained a unique character and charm. Following the success of "Streets of Brighton", authors Glyn Kraemer-Johnson and John Bishop return to the town for another look at its streetscapes and transport in the years following World War 2. Featuring over 80 bright colour illustrations, almost all unpublished, "Bygone Brighton" will be perfect for tourists visiting the area as well as road transport enthusiasts nationwide.

Product description

ISBN: 9780711032798
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 19 x 1.1 x 24.6 cm
Pages: 80