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Civil Aircraft Markings 2015

Civil Aircraft Markings 2015
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Key Points

- Best-Selling aviation transport title

- 66th edition, 65th year of publication

- New colour photo sections, improved layout



First published in 1950, Civil Aircraft Markings quickly became the aviation equivelant of 'Wisden'. an indispensable annual publication found on the bookshelves of generations of aviation enthusiasts and historians.


At the heart of 'CAM' is the most complete listing of all aircraft currently on the UK Register ofCivil Aircraft - over 21,000 entries ranging from historic biplanes through to the latest airliners, and also covering light aircraft, microlights, helicopters, balloons and gliders of every type. For each entry the registration marks, exact aircraft type and owner or operator is given.


In addition the civil aircraft registers of Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are listed as well as sections from overseas registers of aircraft commonly visiting the UK. 'CAM' also lists the common Airline Flight Codes, radio frequencies for major UK airfields and the complete British Aircraft Preservation Council register.


Previously published by Ian Allan Publishing, CAM 2015 is fully revised and updated and now features a new, clearer layout and full colour photo sections.

Product description

ISBN: 9781857803686
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 184mm x 120mm
Pages: 448
Photos/Illus: Approx. 35 colour