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Dornier Do 335

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Often described as brutal yet innovative in design, the massive ‘push-pull’ Dornier Do 335 all-weather heavy fighter was symbolic of late World War II German aircraft design – an extraordinary aircraft which could have been deadly in combat but ultimately arrived too late to prove itself.


Maybe because of its unrealised potential, the ‘335’ has held a special fascination for aviation enthusiasts, historians and modellers ever since its existence became public knowledge.


The authors have now fully revised, updated and significantly expanded their work (by approximately 80 extra pages) incorporating, in particular, over 150 additional rare photographs, diagrams and new material about the development, construction and flying of the ‘335’ and the little-known projects and concepts it spawned.


Backed up by superb colour profile artwork and detailed line drawings, this book represents the finest research on this enigmatic aircraft.

Product description

ISBN: 9781903223673
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 303 x 226mm
Pages: 176
Photos/Illus: Thoughout

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