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Impermanent Ways Special 2

Midland & South Western Part 1
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Impermanent Ways 2 Midland & South Western Junction Railway Part 1

Kevin Robertson

The Midland & South Western Junction Railway, better known as the MSWJ was one of three cross-country lines that ran north-south through Southern England. Starting from Cheltenham where it rubbed shoulders with the Midland it passed through the very heart of the Great Western at Swindon and on through Marlborough to reach Andover where for the final few miles there was arrangement with the London & South Western Railway to reach Southampton. Prior to 1923 it might best be described as a cash strapped route although its fortunes finally improved considerably thanks to the involvement of a new general manager (Sir) Sam Fay. Later under the GWR that company almost seemed to eek its revenge, investing little and seemingly taking little interest in promoting what could well have been a useful through route. The MSWJ finally closed as a through line in 1961 but it lives on here with a wonderful series of images depicting both the last years and its ultimate demise the majority in colour with many published for the first time in book form.

Product description

ISBN: 9781909328716
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 215mm x 210mm
Pages: 104
Photos/Illus: Over 150 photographs