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Junkers Ju 88 Volume 3

Development, Equipment and Operations 1940-1945
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Beyond its famed role as the Luftwaffe's long-serving Schnellbomber (fast bomber), this book tells the story of the Junkers Ju 88 as a day and nightfighter. In addition to the aircraft's development for such roles, the authors offer an analysis of the engines, weaponry and sophisticated electronics and radar equipment carried by the Ju 88, including its airborne radars, passive homers, navigation aids, radios and IFF sets.

The Ju 88 C Zerstörer ('Destroyer') heavy fighter, saw early operations in Poland with KG 30 and from 1942, as the C-6 with V./KG 40 and I. and III./ZG 1, operating over the Bay of Biscay. Armed with three 7.9 mm MG 17s and a single 20 mm MG FF cannon, these aircraft ranged off the west coast of France engaging aircraft of the RAF and USAAF, as well as harassing enemy shipping and offering air cover for German U-boats.
From the summer of 1942, Ju 88 C-4s, R-1s and Gs equipped many of the Luftwaffe's Nachtjagdgruppen. These were fitted with state-of-the art radar and weaponry, and waged a bitter war against RAF Bomber Command which saw the introduction of the HimmelbettWilde Sau and Zahme Sau methods of nightfighting as well as ground radars and communications systems used to create an advanced aerial defence control network.

Also covered are the operations conducted by Ju 88 day fighters in the Mediterranean, the lesser-known 'train-busters' and nightfighters deployed on the Eastern Front, and also an examination of the camouflage and markings applied to the various Ju 88 fighters.

With an authoritative text by recognised Luftwaffe historians, accompanied by hundreds of rare photographs, plus specially commissioned colour artwork and maps, this book provides an essential and comprehensive overview of the technology of the Ju 88 fighter variants and detailed coverage of their performance as combat aircraft.

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ISBN: 9781800352896
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 303mm x 226mm
Pages: 224
Photos/Illus: Approx. 300 images

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