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Midland Red - The Transitional Years

Author: Lee Simpson
Weight:0.30 Kg
Transitional Years is a picture album depicting the changes encountered by 'Midland Red' from the mid 1960's to the mid 1980's. The 1968 Transport Act saw the formation of the National Bus Company and the introduction of the corporate fleet livery of poppy red. Then followed the formation of West Midlands PTE and the transfer of over 400 vehicles and services with the West Midlands county. The company was then split into 5 smaller operating companies in 1981, North, South, East, West and Express, each taking up their own local identities. De-regulation followed in 1986.

Product description

ISBN: 9781903016749
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 210mm x 202mm
Pages: 52
Photos/Illus: 83 colour photographs