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Modelling Dutch Railways

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The Netherlands may not have as much variety or drama in its scenery as other European countries but it can boast a relatively dense and efficient rail network, much of which is now electrified. Key routes now connect major ports with the industrial heartland of Germany and far beyond. Local, regional, intercity, and international passenger services share the rails with significant freight traffic, with independent operators alongside the state system. 

The long history is no less interesting, with railways that absorbed influences and obtained equipment from Britain as well as elsewhere on Continent. Skilled modellers in The Netherlands and Britain have occupied themselves with all these aspects. Despite the lack of spectacular scenery, Dutch railways offer a wide range of possibilities for modelling, and are well supported with proprietary products in various scales, from modern main line to historic rural byways. This selection of high quality articles includes layouts, background information, suggested plans and modelling projects.

Here is just a small selection to inform and inspire.

Product description

ISBN: 9780900586651
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 284mm x 215mm
Pages: 114
Photos/Illus: 114 Pages Fully Illustrated