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Mosquito Pathfinder

Navigating ninety WWII ‘ops’
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Having suffered the devastating effects of the Manchester blitz, sixteen year old Salford lad Albert Smith signed up to join the RAF not thinking he would be lucky enough to complete 90 operations. His first tour of 38 operations as a Wellington navigator over Germany and North Africa was soon continued when he volunteered for Pathfinder Mosquitoes with 109 squadron at Little Soughton.
The Oboe navigation system was in its infancy and as one of only two Oboe squadrons, Smith was soon in the air illuminating bombing targets. Over 50 operations, Smith relives successes and failures with the new target marking system; triumphs and disappointments, mission aborts and successes, and all the fears and nervousness entailed in being the first aircraft over a heavily defended target. His narrative, interspersed with extracts from official Bomber Command records combines an official and personal view of the WWII airwar.

Product description

ISBN: 97809075795786
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: B Format
Pages: 240
Photos/Illus: 8 page b&w photograph section

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