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Private Pilot's Licence Course Vol.5

Human Factors & Flight Safety
A fresh approach to this much misunderstood and misquoted subject with the emphasis on a fresh and practical, yet thorough, approach to the subject, with accurate information and abundant illustration. The second part of the book, Flight Safety, breaks new ground in examining flight safety and airmanship issues from the PPL perspective.

• Fully illustrated with photographs, line drawings and diagrams
• Includes separate Flight Safety section
• Full colour section
• Revision questions at the end of each chapter
• CAA LASORS recommended

PPL 5 Advisors:
John Thorpe – John started his aviation career as an apprentice in aircraft engineering with the Bristol Aeroplane Company, leading to a flight testing position on aircraft such as the BAC 1-11 and Concorde. He later joined the CAA as a design surveyor on light aircraft design requirements, obtaining his PPL in 1972. In 1977 he started the General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet (GASIL) which was the first safety publication of its kind in the UK. He later also started the Safety Sense Leaflets series. He held the first Safety Evening in 1986 and he personally hosted a total of 385 Safety Evenings at airfields around the UK. John was head of the Safety Promotion section until his retirement in 1999. He now hosts Safety Evenings on behalf of a commercial concern and remains an active PPL with around 123 airfields and 35 types in his logbook.

David Hockings – David joined the Air Training Corps at the age of 14, soloed gliders at 17 (he went on to obtain a silver C) and became a Rolls Royce aero-engine apprentice. He joined the aviation insurance department of Lloyds of London and gained his PPL in 1976. In 1987 David moved to the Civil Aviation Authority in the General Aviation section and became active in safety promotion, writing in the General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet (GASIL) and holding Safety Evenings. He now is now a CPL/IR and Flying Instructor with about 50 types flown, and has his own business in aviation insurance loss adjusting, flying instruction, aerial photography, banner towing and air taxi. In his spare time he is also a CAA-licenced engineer and has an aircraft maintenance company!

Product description

ISBN: 9781874783282
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 246mm x 189mm
Pages: Over 300
Photos/Illus: Illustrated throughout