Wing Leader  [9780907579243]

Wing Leader
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Date Added: Friday 04. May, 2012
Wing Leader examines another Royal Air Force pilot, the one and only 'Johnnie' Johnson. The top-scoring Allied pilot of the Second World War, 'Johnnie' Johnson managed to down a total of thirty-eight aircraft in his career. He started out in Spitfires in August 1940, helping to defend England during the Battle of Britain. Following that pivotal battle, 'Johnnie' Johnson continued to fly Spitfires, engaging the enemy over Dieppe and occupied France, before finally pushing across the Rhine into Germany. Told from his own perspective, this book is both personal and historical, and it is that combination that makes it such a wonderful read

This title is great books to sit down in the evening and read through. It will pull you into that bygone era and give you a taste of what it was like to fly these aircraft in the skies over Europe.

Chris Banyai-Riepl – Internet
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