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Janusz Zurakowski
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Date Added: Thursday 16. July, 2009
Janusz Zurakowski’s flying career spanned some of the most interesting periods in aviation. He served in the Polish Air Force prior to World War Two, escaped to England and fought with the RAF, flying Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. After earning the Virtuti Militari (the Polish equivalent of the Victoria Cross), he became a test pilot and after graduating from the ETPS served at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, home of the British experimental flying. After the war he worked for Gloster Aircraft, testing the Meteor and Javelin before joining Avro Canada in 1952 to fly the CF-100 Canuck and later the CF-105 Arrow.
Well researched and illustrated with numerous photos from Janusz’s own collection, Legend in the Skies is more than just a biography of a great test pilot, it also gives an insight into the last days of testing piston-fighters and the early jets. In addition it details the post-war rise and fall of Avro Canada. However, for the reviewer the most interesting part of the narrative concerned Janusz’s early years in Poland, flying in the Deblin Fighter Group against the German invaders. Well worth reading.

Today's Pilot - Aug 2009
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