X-Planes of Europe  [9781902109213]

X-Planes of Europe
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Date Added: Friday 19. October, 2012
Few subjects offer such exciting modelling prospects as aircraft used in development, test and research flying. Thankfully, many of these interesting and, on occasion odd-looking machines have been released as kits in different scales (anyone have those wonderful Maintrack Project X vac-forms sitting in their loft?), and fascinating accounts of the real aircraft appear in this excellent new Hikoki publication. In the usually classy style of the imprint, the 302 page hardback offers a wealth of information on British and European experimental types - from more famous examples such as the Fairey Delta 2 and P.1127, to the lesser known SAAB 210 and ONERA Deltaviex. In between there are real classics; the Saunders-Roe SR.53, which has recently been produced by Freightdog Models, the awesome Nord Griffons and the highly (even now) futuristic looking Leduc 010-022 series (kitted by Mach 2, F-rsin and Anigrand, in different scales).

All of the photographs are excellent, many being taken by professionals employed by the aircraft companies and test facilities themselves, which is a treat in accuracy and detailing terms. Many of the aircraft sections also have helpful colour profiles (who could resist the FD.2 in ritzy purple?) and these are, ultimately, of much use in properly rendering schemes in scale form. There are very few colour photos, but the black and white shots are so good that one doesn't feel like the book is lacking because of it. For anyone wanting to build experimental types, this book is a fine resource for detail and inspiration alike and is highly recommended.

Airfix Model World – October 2012
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