THE VIMY EXPEDITIONS  [9780983236207]

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Date Added: Monday 19. December, 2011
The gloriously-illustrated Vimy Expeditions tells of an adventurous group of aviators who devoted large chunks of their lives – and livelihoods - to rebuilding the 1919 mammoth Vickers f.B.27 Vimy biplane.

When the project was started in 1992, little did project leaders Peter McMillan and Lang Kidby know that 15 years of construction and testing, regulatory approvals, complex logistic planning and relentless pursuit of funding was to follow, but the result was well worth the effort. McMillan and Kidby approached the project as away of understanding early twentieth century flight - indeed, they describe it as 'building a time machine'. Tales of the team's impressive manufacturing and engineering feats make for fascinating reading, and a flying lesson' gives a step-by-step account of the manoeuvres required to get the vast beast off the ground, but the most stirring feature of the book - and, refreshingly, its largest section is the story of the Vimy's eventful journey around the world.

Colourful yarns of the triumphs and pitfalls are woven around a selection of top notch, vibrant photographs, as well as a meaty selection of archive shots and drawings.

This colourful tome is a timeless reminder of the beauty of flight and the privileged view of the world that aviation affords. Endlessly inspirational - and its delightful illustrations will keep non-aviators enthralled too.

Hazel Plush – Pilot (Jan 2012)
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