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Project Terminated
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Date Added: Thursday 12. September, 2013
THIS COLOURFUL BOOK deals with famous military aircraft cancellations of the Cold War and what might have been. It covers ten types, all except the BAC TSR.2 and Avro Arrow being American.

By its very nature, the majority of illustrations feature the author's own paintings and they are very good, but one has to question whether three of the TSR.2 in RAAF colours and seven in RAF, plus more than a dozen of the Arrow, are rather over the top?

Setting this aside, there are also plenty of real illustrations to whet such as American bombers from the B-36 more unconventional tailless XB-35 and XB-49 - particularly interesting are photographs of the YRB-49A variant showing the additional underwing -mounted Allison J-35 turbojets. Even more unusual was the Boeing X-20 Dyna- Soer Spaceplane which would have been lifted aloft by Martin Titan rockets, but the programme was cancelled in December 1963.

The Blackbird is featured, as are a number of types which flew before their programmes were cancelled, Valkyrie, Rockwell XFV-l2A, Northrop F20, developments of the Convair F-106A and others, but there is also much else in the very informative text - for instance cancelling the Arrow programme resulted in Canada buying CF-101B Voodos at a cost of approximately $260m which would have bought 130 Arrows!

A most interesting, well-produced and thought provoking book at a reasonable price.

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