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Railway Modelling & Layout Construction

RRP: £6.99

Railway modelling is the most creative of all such pastimes; it is a magical mix of artistic talent, engineering skill, scholarly research and imaginative supposition, but above all else, it is thoroughly absorbing and can be the greatest of fun.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, someone returning to the hobby as retirement beckons, or a lifelong enthusiast, you will find Your Guide to Railway Modelling & Layout Construction an invaluable asset in your model maker’s reference library.

Written and produced by the team of expert modellers and layout builders who bring you Railway Modeller every month, this is the first volume in a brand new Peco Modeller's Library of shows you-how style manuals.

The book is divided into three main sections; an Introduction, which summarises the state of the hobby today and explains some of the initial choices that you will have to make; Practical Guidance, which takes you through all the stages of layout construction, from developing your plan to adding the finishing touches; and Skills Workshop, which is all about acquiring some of the key practical skills to help you develop your modelling expertise.

From initial planning through to those important finishing touches this book includes step-by-step guides and practical advice. It is essential reading for those new to the hobby and an important resource for experienced modellers.

All in all, just about everything you will ever need to know about building a layout. Let’s go Railway Modelling!

Product description

ISBN: 9780900586002
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 284mm x 215mm
Pages: 124
Photos/Illus: 124 Pages Fully Illustrated