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Reflections on Ullswater

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Ullswater, Englands second largest lake, is one of the most fascinating places anyone could wish to visit. The lake and the surrounding mountains are steeped in history, whilst the beautiful countryside is guaranteed to lift the spirits of all who come to visit. With its rugged shoreline and serpentine course, Ullswater was always a place of mystery and myth and legend connects it with King Arthur. It also inspired great poets and artists, amongst these was William Wordsworth who wrote his world-famous poem 'daffodils' about the lake. It is a place not only of great beauty, but also great history. Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans have all left their mark on the area. Forming a unique guide to the geography and history of the lake, Reflections on Ullswater is written by a series of authors (each experts in their own field) and it will undoubtedly become the essential Guide to Ullswater past and present.