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The Southern Way 02

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Issue No 2.

Editorial Introduction

A brief introduction to this issue from the editor.

Memories and Recollections of The Lymington Branch

An article by John Bird gives an insight into the history of the Lymington branch, with an interview with the late Bert Farley, one mans perspective of 20 years working the line. Eleven black and white pictures help to complete the scene.

A Privileged Perspective

In 1929 Hermann Lound Butler began his career in the railways as a pupil in the Chief Mechanical Engineers Department. This article is the first insight into some of the records that H.L.Butler kept during his career. This account shows his locomotive riding record for the period July to September 1932. An essential part of the training for a pupil apprentice of the time.

Longparish Circa 1900

A delightful picture and the details of one of the pictures subjects, given by a platelayers grandson help to take us back over 100 years.

Woolston 1889

Due to an extension east from Netley, Woolston rapidly increases in importance. A brief article touches on this subject while also illustrating the 13 chain curve on which the station was situated.

Purely By Chance

The Author uses relics of the past to recount a brief history of an Adams T3 4-4-0.

The Swaying Footplate

Part 1 of former Southern Railwayman Norman Denty's experiences in the Traffic and Locomotive departments. Starting in the Spring of 1940, nine pages of personal experiences take us through to September 1943 and a new position at Bournemouth.

Waterloo LSWR to BR Part 2

This second part continues to describe the development of the LSWR's final major engineering project. Supported by more photographs and plan view dated 1922

The Getty Files

An image from May 1950 shows passengers boarding their train for Weymouth

For Whom The Belle Tolls...

Jeffery Grayer recalls the brief heyday and rapid decline of the Southern's prestigeous Devon Belle, which was to run for just eight seasons

Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No. 3

The SE & CR loved coaches with saloons, some of which were transfered to the Isle of Wight where they survived until the end of steam in 1966. Here three images and their supporting text cover such stock.

Rod Hoyle - Real Atmosphere

Three more atmospheric images from R Hoyle prompt the old phrase "A picture speaks a thousand words"

September 1966 - not a good month

With electrification work effecting services, the already beleaguered railway could do well without these extra problems

Permanent Way Notes

Waterloo Station, Images and supporting text show the relaying of the points and crossings approaching platforms 1 to 7 in 1954. If nothing else, just the illustration of the man power involved in this exercise make these images worthy of close inspection. Did you know that Waterloo had a lineside garden in 1954.

The Getty Files 2

Erection of a new bracket signal in June 1936 make a worthy subject for a photograph.

Rebuilding - The Letters and Comments Page

Many thanks for your questions aswell as answers to previously published questions. Your feed back of any kind is highly valued and this section is hopefully where questions that arise from articles may be answered.

Weedkilling Trains

From a time before terms like Environmentally friendly and Biodegradable. Images and text make points on how the P Way was kept clear of unwanted plantlife.

Southern Stations and Halts

Four images display some of the quieter stopping places on the Southern Network

Production Line Building Of All Steel Electric Stock

A Start to finish series of images, with supporting text, take us through the process of stock construction, production line style.

35005 Canadian Pacific

A mechanical stoker is fitted to 35005 for trials from 1948 to 1951

A Taste Of Things To Come

Former road vehicle inspector, Fred Emery has very kindly given access to a large collection of photographs showing many examples of Southern Railway region road vehicles, Fred has made many notes on the fleet, aswell as personal experiences. This page contains but a taster of things to come.

Colour Interlude

Five colour images from the 1960's illustrate a selection of Steam in workaday condition close issue No 2

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