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The Southern Way 04

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Editorial Introduction

A brief introduction to this issue from the editor.

The 150th Anniversary of the London, Chatham & Dover Railway

A photographic tribute to the development of the LCDR system, with supporting text make for an interesting insight into the regions lines.

Brighton Line Resignalling Part 2

The second and concluding part of the signalling upgrade on the Brighton line. With more detailed information, personal accounts and images complete the story of the successful improvements.

The Legacy of Mr Price

A fatal accident in 1921 allows the reader a different perspective

From Ringwood to Christchurch - an almost forgotten railway

While recent titles have shed light on this little known line, images and signalling diagrams give further views of this part of the network.

Obituary - Ray Chorley

13th August 1932 to 5th November 2007. Sadly missed

Questions, Questions?

More answers required. Can you shed any light on the story behind either of these images.

British Railways Southern Region Magazine

Jeffery Grayer reviews the second and what was to prove to be final volume of this short lived publication, which appeared for the last time in December 1949, before being absorbed into the new "British Railways Magazine".

Along the Sussex Coast 80 Years Ago

A series of pictures with supporting text illustrate the wide variety of locos and stock inherited by the Southern Railway in 1923

Not an Essay in Concrete - more of a Sentence

a material synonymous with the Southern region, here the civil engineers dept. drawing for a concrete fogmans hut.

Petersfield Circa 1884 / 1885

A gem of a picture from the mid 1880s, courtesy of Barry Mursell and Crawley Model Railway Society.

Burning Bullieds

The propensity of the original Bullied Pacifics to spontaneously combust is well known, must less common are views of this happening. Images from 1961, along with supporting text give evidence to one such incident.

Eric Best, Memories of south Hampshire and a Railway career

An interesting detailed and entertaining article containing the reminiscences of former Eastleigh fitter Eric Best.

More on Weedkilling

Alan Blackburn picks up the batton. Following graham Hattons piece on weedkilling trains Alan provides a further instalment on how the permanent way was kept free of unwanted flora.

Permanent Way Notes, Third Rail items on the Southern

The first of a short series on items associated with the conductor rail. Pictures and accompanying text detail the evolution of the Southerns third rail electrification.

Colour Interlude

Five colour pictures round up issue 4. One featuring a Schools and an eclectic mix of stock at an unknown location, do you recognise the place.

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ISBN: 9781906419059
Binding: paperback

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