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The Southern Way Special Issue No 09

Scrapping the Southern
RRP: £16.50

'SCRAPPING the SOUTHERN', compiled by Jeffery Grayer is the 2013 special issue in the Southern Way series. Jeffery Grayer is already well known for his books on 'Impermanent Ways', and now he turns his attention to the steam locomotives that formerly operated on the Southern Region until 1967. We start with a brief look at how engines were disposed of in years past, before majoring on the 1950s and in particular the 1960s. Most classes that operated up to 1967 are featured in a nostalgic, yet it must be said, at times sad collection. Once proud engines are depicted in both colour and black and white and at at variety of locations, including the depots where they were withdrawn and stored to the locations both on and off the region where they were eventually cut up. 120 pages, copious illustrations.

Product description

ISBN: 9781909328044
Binding: paper back
Pages: 120

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