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Soviet and Russian Military Aircraft in the Middle East

Air Arms, Equipment and Conflicts since 1955
Author: Yefim Gordon
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...& Dmitriy Komissarov


Key Points

• Includes fighters, strike aircraft, bombers, helicopters and transports
• Arranged by country with detailed fleet lists
• Colour profiles
• Second in a major 3-book series


By the mid-1950s the export of Soviet arms expanded into the Middle East and were immediately sent to war. Forming the backbone of, amongst others, the air forces of Iraq and Syria, Soviet aircraft were involved in major conflicts such as the Suez Crisis, the Six-Day and Yom Kippur Wars, the Iran-Iraq War, the First and Second Gulf Wars and, more recently, the civil war in Syria.

Mikoyan MiG-15 and MiG-29 fighters, Sukhoi Su-7 and Su-22 fighter-bombers, Su-24MK tactical bombers, Su-25 attack aircraft, Mil’ Mi-8/Mi-17 and Mi-24/25/35 helicopters, Antonov An-12, and Il’yushin Il-76 transports all played their parts in the region’s conflicts.

Wars which included Egyptian and Iranian forces also took place entirely in the Middle East and full details of both forces using genuine Soviet types (obtained either from Russia or from Iraq) and their Chinese derivatives are examined.

Arranged by country and using previously classified sources, Soviet and Russian Military Aircraft in the Middle East includes details of combat use and comprehensive fleet lists of all known Soviet/Russian military aircraft. Highly illustrated with over 375 photographs, national insignia and over 150 colour profiles the book forms an invaluable reference for modellers, enthusiasts and aviation historians alike.

Product description

ISBN: 978 190210 9282
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm
Pages: 272
Photos/Illus: Over 375 photographs and 150 colour profiles