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The Evolving Railway

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Brian Morrison

The name Brian Morrison is one that will be familiar to at least three generations of railway
photographers and to most of those who have picked up a railway book or a railway publication in the last 60 years.

He began railway photography in 1951 and it was not long before editors recognised a burgeoning new talent with his first photograph being published in October of that year. Thus began a pictorial journey that continued for over 60 years and led to the creation of a portfolio of images that, in numerical terms, runs into six figures.

In addition to contributing to magazines, Brian Morrison has published several collections of photos over the years, each of which followed a themed topic. In this new book however, he has allowed himself a freer reign and has selected favourite images from his vast collection, telling the stories behind many of them. The photos chosen concentrate on the years between 1951 and 1976 and include both steam and other motive power as well as trains, locations and infrastructure which has since been consigned to memory.

As well as being a celebration of the work of one of our finest railway photographers, this new book contains a wealth of memories for all those interested in Britain’s railways from the 1950s onwards. It presents both a personal and also a public journey covering the length and breadth of Britain undertaken by a man who from the outset knew a good subject when he saw it and could record it in a technically assured and visually striking manner.

Product description

ISBN: 9781909328976
Binding: hardback
Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm
Pages: 224
Photos/Illus: Over 200 photographs