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The Leader Locomotive

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The story of O V Bulleid’s ‘Leader’ class is one that simply refuses to lie down, conti nuing to be a source of debate and controversy. Was this the great innovati on that would have taken the steam locomoti ve to unheard of levels of sophisti cati on and effi ciency, or a folie de grandeur on the part of an undoubtedly creati ve, charismati c yet maverick engineer, which should never have been countenanced or fi nanced by his superiors? Seventy years aft er the last examples of these ill-fated locomoti ves were scrapped, the controversy surrounding them sti ll rumbles on and fascinati on with the project among railway enthusiasts is unabated.

Having writt en previously on the subject, author Kevin Robertson has conti nued his research into the ‘Leader’ class and unearthed much new material from a variety of sources which is presented here for the fi rst ti me. Whilst not likely to have changed the end result, much new light is shed as to how that decision was arrived at. New sources have been explored that were not available previously and these add greatly to our understanding of how the project was managed, adding fl avour and at ti mes even comedy to the events recounted.

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ISBN: 9781910809853
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 280mm x 215mm
Pages: 368
Photos/Illus: Approx 300 images
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