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William Dean the Greatest of them All

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William Dean has long been an enigma amongst devotees of the GWR. Often seen as in the shadow of his successor Churchward, author Jeremy Clements felt that now was the time to put the record straight - and he certainly has! It was in consequence of Dean that Churchward was able to embark upon his designs in the 20th century, Dean had paved the way, successfully a lot of the time, and told now in context for the first time. This is a lavish work. Heavily illustrated with contemporary material showing the products of the era, plus information on the ones that were perhaps not so successful; also how these early designs were developed by others in later years Jeremy Clements also takes the story of the famous Dean Goods class in wartime, recounting numerous facts and details never previously before published. Casebound 228 pages.

Product description

ISBN: 9781906419929
Binding: casebound
Pages: 228

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