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It’s that time of year again when Crecy publishers an update on this monumental work. A large number..
The constantly changing face of ‘retired’ aviation subjects has been catalogued for years now in the..
An indispensable reference book, an interesting read, a touring guide and much more, Wrecks & Relics..
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Wrecks & Relics 23rd Edition

Author: Ken Ellis
Weight:0.90 Kg

•Comprehensive touring companion for aviation enthusiasts
•An indispensable guide to Britain's aviation heritage
•Over 750 locations, 700 aircraft types, 5000 individual aircraft listed
•Completely revised and updated
•Over 75,000 copies sold since first edition!
•The must-have touring guide to the aviation museums, warbird collections and relics of the British Isles

Discover the aviation heritage of the British Isles. A comprehensive touring guide, Wrecks & Relicshas developed an enviablereputation as theanswer for those with an interest in museums, warbirds, military and civil relics. The 23rd edition details the ups and downs of collections and restorations including new developments as Harrier, Nimrod and VC-10 fleets are retired and enter this publication.

Where can I see a Hurricane or a Harrier GR.9? What’s new at Duxford and what flies at Shuttleworth? What can I see during a break in Lincolnshire?

Covering more than 750 locations, Wrecks & Relics is an indispensable touring guide: giving details of visitor attractions large and small, exhibits, locations, opening times, contact points and much more. Over 700 types and over 5,000 aircraft are detailed, including potted histories, helpful comments and over 190 colour photographs.

Warbirds, classic and vintage, out-of-service propliners and jets combine with modern military hardware, restoration projects, replicas, derelicts and ‘long forgotten’ treasures. With over 75,000 copies sold over 50 years, Wrecks & Relics has led the way as the only reference you’ll need. A trusted companion to curators, restorers, operators and enthusiasts alike.

Product description

ISBN: 9780859791724
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 234mm x 156mm
Pages: 320
Photos/Illus: Over 190 colour photographs