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Yakovlev Fighters of World War Two

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  • Includes personal stories from pilots
  • Over 500 photographs and illustrations

Founded in 1927, the design bureau headed by Aleksandr S. Yakovlev started out with light aircraft but soon became a 'fighter maker' when the prospect of war loomed large.

Originally designated I-26, Yakovlev's first simple but rugged fighter, first flew in 1940 and entered production at the end of the year as the Yak-I.

The Yak-9 introduced in 1942, brought a greater proportion of metal to the airframe design which made it lighter leading to the development of the long-range Yak-9D, the up-gunned tank buster versions (Yak-9-37, Yak-(K etc.) and the Yak-9B light bomber.

Flown by the French pilots of the Normandie-Niemen squadron of the Soviet Air Force the Yak-3 brought out in 1943 came to be recognised as one of the Soviet Fighters of WWII.

Richly illustrated with unit badges, nose art, scale drawings, colour side views and three-views, as well as unreleased photos and personal stories from pilots in the Great Patriotic War, Yakovlev Aircraft of World War II is a detailed reference source for modellers, enthusiasts and historians alike.

Available March 2015

Product description

ISBN: 978 19021 09466
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 297 x 210
Pages: 272
Photos/Illus: Over 500