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‘I dedicate this book to the boys who have not been so lucky...’ If this book doesn’t stir the sens..
Here is the very accent and idiom of Bomber Command and an emotional picture as complete as we are l..
This is a magnificent story, well and simply told by as great a warrior as these Islands ever bred..

Enemy Coast Ahead

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First published in 1944, Guy Gibson’s Enemy Coast Ahead quickly became regarded as the classic Bomber Command book, following Gibson’s RAF career from flying the Hampden and Manchester at the beginning of WWII to the triumphant return home of the Lancasters from the famous 1943 Dambuster raid which Gibson led and for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross. Enemy Coast Ahead is also the inside story of life in Bomber Command throughout the first five years of WW2, culminating in breath-holding drama as the RAF planned, practiced and strove towards breaching the dams on that famous night in May 1943.<

Product description

ISBN: 9780907579625
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: B Format
Pages: 256
Photos/Illus: b&w photograph section

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