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Great Western Coaches in Colour

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This is a first for the Great Western enthusiast.

64 pages, all colour, of GW built / design coaching stock nearly all in BR and even the odd one in GWR service.

The designs of Messrs. Hawksworth, Collett and Churchward are represented (even one or two from the days of Mr Dean!).

The majority of the images will also be new with collections scoured far and wide to source what is certainly the first book ever to be feature the subject in colour. Liveries include GWR, BR crimson and cream, BR chocolate and cream, and BR maroon.

Informative captions checked by several notaries in the field complete this work.

Casebound, art paper, in excess of 90 images, the predominance being individual vehicles rather than 'trains'

Product description

ISBN: 9781906419622
Binding: Casebound
Pages: 90

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