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GWR Goods Train Working Volume 1

From Development to Guard Duties Volume One
Author: Tony Atkins
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Great Western Goods Train Working is a truly remarkable book providing - for the first time - a comprehensive guide as to how that most important of commodities 'goods’ were handled, marshalled, and moved by rail from despatch to destination. Railways including the Great Western were founded upon the basis of goods movement - passengers would come later - which goes to explain why in terms of hierarchy the GWR Goods Manager was for many years senior even to the Chief Mechanical Engineer as the Goods Department brought in more revenue! In this all new book rolling stock is depicted for the first time in the context of how it was used, the train formations and where and how freight services operated. The culmination of several decades of painstaking research this complex and detailed subject is split into two volumes both rightly deserving a place on the bookshelf of the enthusiast and historian. Companion Volume GWR Goods Train Working volume 2 From Goods Control Office to Exceptional Loads ISBN 9781909328549

Product description

ISBN: 9781909328532
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 273mm x 215mm
Pages: 136