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GWR Goods Train Working Volume 2

From Control Offices to Exceptional Loads
Author: Tony Atkins
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The name of Tony Atkins will need no introduction to followers of the Great Western Railway. In Part 2 of this monumental work on Great Western Goods working, the story is taken forward starting with 20th Century goods train on the GWR working to the various types of special traffic handled. This heavily illustrated volume looks at perishable traffic: flowers, fruit and vegetables, banana workings, as well as livestock, refrigerated and fish traffic. There are also sections on dangerous goods and exceptional loads, the movement of the latter often requiring considerable planning to avoid structures and other trains from a load which was outside the standard loading gauge. The culmination of several decades of painstaking research this complex and detailed subject is split into two volumes, both rightly deserving a place on the bookshelf of the enthusiast and historian. Companion Volume GWR Goods Train Working volume 1 From Development to Guard Duties ISBN 9781909328532 Publication Date: May 2016

Product description

ISBN: 9781909328549
Binding: hardback
Dimensions: 273mm x 215mm
Pages: 144