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Impermanent Ways Vol. 02

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There are some things in life that seem to automatically prick the conscience of the nation. One of these being the subject of closed railways. 

An overgrown bridge, weed strewn cutting, or derelict station, each will invariably bring forth the comment, “It was the fault of Dr. Beeching”. 

What is conveniently forgotten is that whilst some closures did indeed occur in consequence of the wielding of that famous ‘axe’, rationalisation had in fact already been going on in the decades before. Combined together the results are the same: nostalgia.  

In his highly successful first book in this series covering Hampshire, author Jeffery Grayer considered the closed routes of that county. Now he continues the same theme into East and West Sussex, exploring in colour the path of many of the closed lines and in the days between the withdrawal of services and subsequent redevelopment. 

Here is volume for those who wish to see what was once present, and what is still missed, often a half century or more later.

104 sides (100 in colour) paperback


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ISBN: 9781906419509
Binding: paperback
Pages: 104

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