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CELEBRATING THE 50th anniversary of the biennial Wrecks and Relics, this special edition covers many..
Not a flying boat book (although a Catalina features on the front cover photo if you look closely) b..
Lost Aviation Collections of Britain This book in the 'Wrecks and Relics' series is a special 50t..
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Lost Aviation Collections of Britain

Author: Ken Ellis
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A special tribute to the UK’s bygone aviation museums and collections.

Britain’s diverse aviation heritage owes much to the pioneer museums and collections that fell by the wayside from the 1930s onwards. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Wrecks & Relics (approx 52,000 sales since it’s first publication) this limited edition commemorates our bygone glories.

Warbird pioneers such as Richard Nash, Spencer Flack and Charles Church are put into their context and important institutions that helped kick-start the ‘booms’ of the 1960s and 1970s - Cranfield and Loughborough - are explained. Then there are the much-loved museums that are no more, including Colerne, Skyfame, Southend, Strathallan and Torbay. Over 40 such organisations, large and small, are covered with important types that slipped the net and are ‘extinct’ in the UK, including the ATEL Carvair, Miles Marathon and the Westland Whirlwind fighter.

Lavishly illustrated with over 200 period images, including 96 in full colour Lost Aviation Collections of Britain.

Ken Ellis, contributing editor of Flypast, the UK’s biggest circulation aviation magazine provides a wonderful trip down memory lane for those who witnessed an incredible era and a fantastic reference for those who wished they had!

Product description

ISBN: 9780859791595
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 234mm x 156mm
Pages: 224
Photos/Illus: Over 100 b&w plus 96 colour photographs