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Modelling German Railways

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The first railway opened in Germany in 1835, between Nürnberg and Fürth. From this small beginning, railways quickly spread, assisting economic development. Originally built by private enterprise, then separate state concerns, the railways were nationalised in the mid-1920s. The variety was considerable, from local light railways to heavy duty main lines, and eventually a dedicated high speed network with the now iconic ICE trains.

German toy manufacturers soon recognised the appeal of railways and now German companies are world leaders, offering a wide range of models in scales from Z to G. Those modelling German railways arguably enjoy the most commercial support of any national scene.

Consider the huge range of equipment offered by German and other manufacturers (easily available in Britain) coupled with the history and geography of the region, is it any wonder that German railway subjects are as popular as ever.

This book explores the current state of modelling German railways, with examples of high quality layouts in different scales to illustrate the variety. Such a slim volume cannot aspire to be a complete guide, but gives a glimpse of the many possibilities.


Product description

ISBN: 9780900586071
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 284mm x 215mm
Pages: 112
Photos/Illus: 112 Pages Fully Illustrated