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Modelling Swiss Railways

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As one of the densest railway networks in Europe, legendary for its efficiency and the punctuality of its services, Switzerland has often been described as a huge train set, a railway enthusiast's paradise.

With landscapes ranging from gently rolling country in the north and west to dramatic alpine settings in the south and east, it does not lack variety: from busy main line international arteries to quietly efficient local lines, from bulk freight to large numbers of tourists. Heritage stock can often be seen alongside the latest technology.

Swiss railways have a special attraction for many enthusiasts. The intense network of lines, seemingly endless liveries and stunning Alpine scenery grant a wealth of modelling opportunities. Featuring a selection of articles, layouts and prototype inspiration. Here is just a small selection to inform and inspire.

Product description

ISBN: 9780900586583
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 284mm x 215mm
Pages: 120
Photos/Illus: 120 Pages Fully Illustrated