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A Compendium of Track Plans for Layouts to suit all Occasions

RRP: £3.95

Track plans - from back-of-an-envelope sketches to computer-generated designs - are the bedrock of an enjoyable model railway. But which to choose? Small or large, in which scale, and to what format? This handy compendium will guide you, presenting 50 plans in various sizes and scales, to inspire you either to build one of them - or hopefully more - or adapt it to your own circumstances.

This compendium doesn't finish where the scenery does, either; several types of fiddle yard are also included (cassette, sector plate, etc), so that the 'rest of the rail network' can be taken into consideration when designing your next project.

As well as the starting point for most model railway projects, trackplans are a interesting aspect of the hobby in their own right. For many years they have been a popular feature in Railway Modeller magazine.

So we hope you enjoy these plans, and we wish you well with your new layout!

Product description

ISBN: 9780900586026
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 284mm x 215mm
Pages: 64
Photos/Illus: 64 Pages Fully Illustrated

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